CIMA IOLs and OVDs are designed to complement each other
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Expect clear visual results

Advanced manufacturing techniques along with proven biocompatible materials and processes result in high quality IOLs. From aspheric designs, square edges, to
natural chromophore filters, the advantages are clear visual results. CIMA IOLs are produced from three distinct quality materials:

 Hydrophobic IOL: molded optic / dry packaging / easy implantation through small incisions / fast, symmetric unfolding in the capsular bag /
precise refractive results / low Nd:YAG capsulotomy rates / enhanced PCO prevention

 Hydrophilic IOL: material with high water content, stored in liquid / easy implantation through small incision / smooth gliding motion of IOL inside cartridge /
low Nd:YAG capsulotomy rates / constant optic quality

Advanced Optics

Aspheric optics are complex to manufacture yet result in reduced spherical aberrations for enhanced visual outcomes and contrast sensitivity for the patients benefit. Aspheric optics in IOLs are designed to account for the natural positive aberration found in the cornea, resulting in improved image quality and increased contrast sensitivity in cataract surgery patients. The optimized optical surface is designed to reduce the overall spherical aberration to provide excellent depth of field with minimal modulation transfer function (MTF) loss in case of decentration.

PCO Prevention

In order to reduce Posterior Capsular Opacification (PCO), Asteri and CIMflex IOLs feature a continuous 360° Square Edge along the haptic-optic junction. As a result, lenticular epithelial cells are prevented from using the haptic-optic junction as a route for invading the optic surface. Once inside the capsular bag, increased contact of the optic with the posterior capsule from Asteri or CIMflex series IOLs, create a barrier to PCO and increased

A “Natural Yellow” lens for blue light protection

Retinal damage may occur with prolonged exposure to blue and violet light which correspond to the high energy (short wave-length) portion of the visible light spectrum. The CIMflex line of natural yellow hydrophilic acrylic IOLs takes advantage of the latest technology in UV-A blocking and violet/dark blue light filtering material by using the same chromophore that is present in the human crystalline lens. Filtering the most critical section of the visible light spectrum helps preserve quality vision in low light situations, color perception and contrast sensitivity.