Comfortable and easy to use injector system for safe and reliable IOL implantation

The CIMflex Injector System is designed to easily fold and deliver a single-piece, foldable hydrophobic or hydrophilic acrylic IOL for minimal invasive surgery. The
CIMflex Injector provides a controlled and safe IOL delivery in the capsular bag. Experience smooth and efficient delivery of the IOL with the supplied cartridge.
Streamline your cataract surgery with this single-use disposable injector system.

Highest level of customer satisfaction
Easy to use for predictable and reproducible results
Single handed injection
Safety clip for a controlled start
Silicone cushion for smooth hydraulic injection

Clear Cartridge
Loading chamber with guides for easy IOL placement
Locking wings
Good IOL centration
Range of tip incision sizes – 1.8mm, 2.2mm and 2.4mm